At Eggroll Queen, we value your business and we will do everything we can to give back to you and/or the community.  When you make a purchase of our egg rolls (excluding all Sui Yep Cafe items), we keep track of how much you have spent and you can earn a discount percentage based on your accumulative total. Below outlines how you earn the discount.

Important: You must be logged in to use the coupon codes below in the shopping cart page.

Bronze Members [5% Discount]

Bronze members will get a 5% discount on all of their egg rolls purchase when they spend anywhere between $100 – $250 with us.

Coupon Code: BRONZE

Silver Members [7% Discount]

Silver members will get a 7% discount on all of their egg roll purchase when they spend anywhere between $251 – $400 with us.

Coupon Code: SILVER

Gold Members [10% Discount]

Gold members will get an awesome 10% discount on all of their egg rolls purchase when they have spent at least $401.00 or more with us.

Coupon Code: GOLD

VIP Members [15% Discount]

A  15% discount for our VIP members who donate at least $50.00 or more toward our gofundme food truck project.  For more information, please click on the link below. [CLOSED]

Coupon Code: VIP

How It Works

Our system calculates totals on a weekly or monthly basis based on our egg roll events.  When your accumulative total reaches a certain level, you are automatically gain access to the corresponding discount level specified above.  Your discount level will be displayed in your account when you log in.

The coupon code will not work, if (1) you haven’t reached the specified amount (2) you are not logged in.

You cannot use these discount codes in conjunction with other promotional codes so use the one with the highest discount rate for your own advantage.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page or Facebook.